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Slovanska Podporudici Jednota Statu Texas
Slavonic Benevolent Order Of The State Of Texas


Lodge No.92 was organized September 4th, 1910 in the home of Frank Paprskar. At the time the lodge organized, all the business was conducted in the Czech language. With the establishment of Armour & Company and Swift & Company packing plants in 1903 many Czech families migrated to the North Side of Fort Worth, Texas in search of employment.

During a Czech social gathering, at the home of John Krivanek, Frank Paprskar presented the idea to organize a local SPJST Lodge. With the help of John Krivanek, he explained all that he knew about SPJST and asked those interested to sign up as charter members. The first to sign was Bohumil Carboch followed by Josef Juran, Rudolf Koci, Vaclav Cihacek, Vaclav Becan,Frank Zacek, Arnost Valka, Anna Paprskar and Anna Becan. The necessary paperwork was sent to the Supreme Lodge in Temple, Texas and Dallas Lodge #84 assisted in the dedication of the new lodge #92.

After the initiation, the following officers were elected: President V Josef Juran, Vice President V Bohumil Carboch, Recording Secretary Rudolf Koci, Financial Secretary  Vavlav Cihacek, Treasurer Vaclav Becan, Guard Josef Becan, Inside Guard V Frank Zacek and outside Guard Arnost Valka.

They named the Lodge Svaz Cechoslovanu ( Alliance of Czechoslovaks) # 92. After the meeting their was a social as all looked forward to the future. Until 1917 meetings were held the second Sunday of the month in different members homes and then moved to their first building in the 2600 block of Houston Street in Ft, Worth, Tx. In 1938 a new lodge was built on three acres of land on Roberts Cut-Off Road and is the present building that meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month today.


Doing good for each other and for the communities that we seek to serve: Therein, resides the heart of SPJST’s fraternal objective. As stated in the SPJST By-Laws, the purpose of this Society is to provide security for its members and the families of the insured, through the various certificates issued in accordance with the fraternal insurance laws of the State of Texas.

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